I wonder what makes life like a bowl of cherries. Glossy, red orbs. Is this life? Maybe we fulfill our lives and the life we create is either a sweet cherry or a sour dud. Or maybe we pull a cherry out of the bowl, and we could get either a perfect cherry or a bad cherry. Or maybe every part of our life is made into a cherry, and that fills out bowls.

But what about those of us who don’t like cherries, whether good or bad? Or those who are allergic to fructose, which is naturally found in cherries? Are they just forced to take life as a cherry, and find distaste in everything? Why not a bowl of bananas? Or chocolate chips? Or something everyone likes and no one is allergic to, like Oreos? Why cherries?

I say life can be a bowl of whatever you want. You should look at it as your favorite food, so that you can always look out and see the world as a yummy prize to win if you play the game right. Unless, of course, your favorite food is humans, in which case you need to see a psychiatrist.

Ciao for now,



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