Popular Things as Told By the Friends They Left Behind

Eggs on Bacon

“Me and bacon were always together. We never went anywhere without the the other. Me and my buddy bacon would never have let anything come between us. Then, there was the scandal with the green ham. “That’s not me!’ I told him. “I’m not green!’ I told him. But poor, jealous bacon refused to believe that I had nothing to do with it. Since then we haven’t been as close, and now bacon has his own tee-shirts, websites, and drooling fans. He only comes around periodically to rub it in my face.”

Pegasus on Unicorns

“I used to have this really great friend named Unipie. He was the best unicorn I have ever met. But then one day, the unicorn race became startlingly popular. Unipie was featured in several movies, games, and TV shows because of his unique rainbow-colored mane. Now the whole world thinks that all unicorns have a rainbow mane.

Anyway, now that Unipie is a major celebrity, I have lost my only unicorn friend. Sure, I still see him sometimes, but it’s just not the same. He doesn’t snub me or anything, but it’s just like…I don’t know, I suppose I’m just jealous that he has a life and I don’t. I’m just a pegasus, and no one cares about me anymore.”

Alpaca on Llamas

“I have a lot of really great llama friends. Llamas are about as cool as it gets. Every night they have these really rockin’ parties. They also have an impeccable sense of style, especially when it comes to hats. I totally see why llamas are so popular, and it’s because they’re just that cool. They even include everyone. Isn’t that nice of them? People think it’s weird that llamas and alpacas get along so well, but you know, they can think what they want.”

Book on Video Games

“When people read, they were nicer. But now all they do is sit around and dribble to Black Ops or Call of Duty. Now it’s all, ‘Pew, pew pew!’ and ‘I’m gonna kill you all!’ and “DIE!’I really liked it more when things were simple. There is nothing I like more than a young person who enjoys to read, even if they don’t really like my story in particular. I’m friends with virtually everyone so any book you read will help one of my friends. I encourage you, don’t sit around all day shooting people with imaginary weapons. Read. Thank you.”


What I Think We Should All Do

Recently I have been sort of sad. I think it might be because I’m not doing enough of the stuff I love.

I love writing poetry, talking to my friends, reading, and hiking. But I always let the cold weather and the internet get in my way. I think I need to unplug, and take a deep breath, and stand back, and enjoy the view. I need to live my life while I still have the vitality to live it, and the time. I should stop worrying about things like the future and the past unless I really need to. I should stop worrying about the people and the places unless I need to.I must learn to tell myself, there will always be another chance, but also to realize there may never me another chance. I need to give hugs and be hugs. I need to be and do what I love.

I propose that all people go out there and do something they love to do for as long as they possibly can. Something simple, like laughing, or smiling, or breathing. Something simple can lead to pure, healthy happiness. I think we should all do what we love, and do it more.

Ciao for now,