peace from scratch

despite the obvious human impact


on the world,

where there was once a rolling farm, and a

farmer who made his profits

off this land

and cows and horses that ate the

green grass

that sprung from the most fertile

soil in the world,

there is


cars and bricks and outdoor lights

and swimming pools and child-sized

tables and chairs and

all of these consumer goods which

didn’t even exist back when

the farmer was

farming here.

despite all this, there

is a gentle wind tousling my hair


an okay-sized garden i can look at



which are silhouetted by the

running rainbow of the

fleeing sun.

and despite the visible loss

of what was once pure,

and despite the depressing thoughts

that i can see with my eyes

of more terrible things to come,

despite all this,

i am at peace.


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