no: A Poem

they all know now,

my secret,

because you wrote it

on my binder.

i could have gotten a new binder


you could have kept

from writing on the one i have.

and now that i know

that they know

i laugh along and say,

“oh well.

there goes that.”

but in my head, i think,

i wish they didn’t know.

i wish

it was just between

me and you,

like i wanted it to be

when i told you my secret.


as the great actress i am,

i laugh.

because at least one of us is a good friend.

and the thing is,

my secret isn’t even true anymore.

and no, that won’t make it better.

and no, you can’t





This Tuesday: A Poem About Growing Up

Today (Tuesday, May 8th) is my birthday! I wrote a poem about how I feel about growing up–when children become adolescents.


i remember those good old days

in my backyard, counting the stars

two cups of homemade lemonade

promising someday it’ll all be ours


skipping stones on the stream by your house

then we scream cuz we’re up to out knees

yours would always splash and we’d count

the ripples we thought went infinitely


but now we’re doing big kid things

siting inside in the peak of spring

wanting dragon tattoos or a nose piercing

and love means more than diamond rings


and lakes aren’t for paper boats

and songs do much more than rhyme

and fear goes far beyond ghosts

and what we spend with our friends isn’t time


if i could go through life once more than once

i’d dwindle my days away being young