Why Art and Music Are So Important

Recently, in the school district I live in, a new curriculum change was put in place. It will almost eradicate the art and music programs in the junior high, by making them part of the language arts curriculum, only three weeks per trimester.

This is a horrible mistake. Not only will this close horizons, but it’s outright unfair to those whose horizons are already open to the arts.

A recent trend in public education is putting an emphasis on math and english, or the “core” subjects. The importance of creativity in a student’s schedule is being shadowed by the need for better scores (by comparison on international tests). But something else in on the rise, too: teen suicide. Music and other forms of art are a great way of self-expression (a very important concept in my life, even more important then [y=mx+b]). The use of art and music as forms of self-expression is not just a common cliche. If people don’t let themselves explode onto a canvas, or onto a piano, then those feelings will boil up inside of them until they’re too hot to handle. Sitting through two hours straight of algebra wouldn’t help much.

So, I don’t know how long this silly fad in education will last, but I hope it’s not long. There are more important things than math tests.

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Five Things I Don’t Understand

There are a lot of things that are “cool” that I’m not sure I understand.

Hipster Mr. Potato Head had a moustache before it was cool!

1. Moustaches. I mean, sure, they’re amusing…fun to say, and they’re kind of silly…but I wouldn’t want to have plastic ones on my face, or moustache jewelry, or anything else. There’s a time when moustaches stop being fun, and just become overused. (Not at all unlike those feathers which, after everyone had put them into their hair, simply weren’t new or interesting anymore.) I feel badly for that person who decided to use moustaches as a form of self-expression, before someone else caught on and they became a fad.

2. Cat-eye glasses. Personally, I feel like these should leave their vintage stake in the 1950s. They’re not even particularly attractive; they belong in costume stores in the year 2012. I mean, it’s very nice that someone wanted to go back in time for their own self-expression, but that person should have been let be. It’s similar to the moustache deal, but it seems even more of a single-person expression than even the moustaches. Would people please stop copying strong individuals? There are only so many, and you’re making it hard to tell the difference.

3. YOLO. When people say YOLO, what they mean is “I only have one chance so I have to try everything!” Sometimes, all I hear is, “I’ve only got one life to screw up, and no other way of justification!” There are some things that you’ll regret ever trying, like smoking or anything else they always told you to avoid, and some things you will always be looked down on for doing. YOLO would make a lot more sense to me in a situation more like this:

“Tell me, why did you save starving children in impoverished third-world nations, and then give all of your profits from your touching novel to cancer research?”

“Because YOLO, that’s why.”

Apparently you’re supposed to do something utterly stupid for no reason instead of making a change in the world. (To see more on this topic click here.)

4. Modern music (or, rather, most of it). The lyrics are bad and many songs seem to contradict themselves within those lyrics, if there’s even any common theme or idea to be contradicted. There are exceptions to the rule, as there are with almost any rule, but after listening to the radio I found that there aren’t many. They’re incredibly catchy and easy to sing along to, but more often than not you wouldn’t want your children to sing along to those songs. I don’t when music went south, but someone needs to throw it out and get some fresh music before the mold spreads.

5. Body piercings. Ear piercings are okay, and to some extreme so are lip or


other facial piercings. But other piercings look painful, and aren’t always attractive. They are harder to take care of and keep clean. And sometimes, it just looks like something scary. But, I suppose, if that’s how people feel comfortable and that’s what they want to do with their body, then that’s self-expression, right? I have no place to deny the right to self-expression.

If I offended you please let me know and I will make a personal apology! I’m not used to letting myself known in such a non-subtle way!

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what to do: A Poem

i can draw my feet from memory

i’ve looked at them a lot

trying to think about who i am

instead of who you’re not

but i’ve lifted up your lies

to see what’s underneath

it’s hard to cry when you can’t breathe


i’ve searched through every day of my life

don’t know what to believe

and if your goal was to hurt your friends

objective achieved

when i look into your eyes

i don’t know what i see

you’re not the friend you used to be


you strengthened my insecurities

and called me a liar

it’s this little hypocrisy in

you that i admire

it’s no longer a surprise

to learn what you can be

what does it take to feel free?


the world is unforgiving so you better wise up fast

people who lie just to get by will only wind up last

Top Five Most Fun Things To Do

1. Doing gigantic chalk drawings on your driveway. You don’t have to be a great artist, but you’ll definitely feel like one. Drawing largely is one way to express yourself in an explosive way (or use up any unwanted chalk). I like to do big hearts or abstract designs. Even though they’re not great, and are usually not visible enough to be seen unless they’re looked for, it still feels great to explode.

2. Writing letters. Not emails, or typed-up letters, but real letters with a pen or a pencil on notebook paper. A real letter feels really personal and meaningful, and it’s a lesson in discipline (you have to use proper grammar). It’s really nice to have a pen pal, because you can write letters and talk to someone who can’t judge you (because they don’t know the people or the things you’re talking about (they live far away)). They will try to honestly help you and they will tell you funny stories about their own life.

3. Going to Chuck E. Cheese’s (or another such game place) with friends. I know that this sounds rather ridiculous, and not very frugal, but it is pretty fun. There can be competition or side-by-side playing, which are both pretty fun when you’re with your friends. You don’t even have to be really close friends to be able to have fun together.

4. Imagining worlds. This doesn’t make you crazy…this is creating worlds that could be featured in a fantasy or science fiction novel, with dragons or aliens or the like. Create the landscape, the people, the culture, the government, the history, and anything else you can think of. Write down everything you come up with, because these always have potential.

Why is this so much fun? Maybe because it’s having your own little utopia, or possibly it’s being in control of something, or maybe just the human love of the imagination!

5.Writing Poetry. I know that for a lot of people, poetry is not so fun. But what if there are no rules? My personal favorite kind of poetry is free-verse, because it can give more emotion (at least, to my perception), it’s easier to

write, and it turns out better, guaranteed. Whenever I have a strong feeling about something in my life (be it positive or negative) I write a poem about it. (Click here for an example). Entire novels have been written in poetry (including a few I would highly recommend). Give poetry a chance!

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What If?

What if there is no tomorrow?

I know, it sounds really cliche, but really, when you think about it, it’s a good point.

Are you going to be lying on your deathbed, dreaming of that one last thing you wanted to do? Of that one last person you wanted to say, “I love you,” to? One last adventure you wish you had had?

And that’s why we need to focus more on making every day a special day, even for someone else. Give a random stranger a hug.

Or, if the weather is optimal, why don’t you go on that hike you always wanted to go on? Your bike’s fully operational and you know where your water bottle is (for once).

I have to say that I do have very far-fetched dreams, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t work for them every day. That way, if there is no tomorrow, I can go satisfied that I tried.

Make every day worthwhile! Even a simple hug does the trick!

I know that cliches are far below my standards (even those I have set for myself) but honestly, a kind gesture can fix an entire day.

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree
Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

This is a poem by Robert Frost about how something little can do something big!

I think this song illustrates the concept really well: (Thanks to my friend for showing it to me!)

Again, I know this sounds really cliche, but it really means something.

Ciao for now,