Why Art and Music Are So Important

Recently, in the school district I live in, a new curriculum change was put in place. It will almost eradicate the art and music programs in the junior high, by making them part of the language arts curriculum, only three weeks per trimester.

This is a horrible mistake. Not only will this close horizons, but it’s outright unfair to those whose horizons are already open to the arts.

A recent trend in public education is putting an emphasis on math and english, or the “core” subjects. The importance of creativity in a student’s schedule is being shadowed by the need for better scores (by comparison on international tests). But something else in on the rise, too: teen suicide. Music and other forms of art are a great way of self-expression (a very important concept in my life, even more important then [y=mx+b]). The use of art and music as forms of self-expression is not just a common cliche. If people don’t let themselves explode onto a canvas, or onto a piano, then those feelings will boil up inside of them until they’re too hot to handle. Sitting through two hours straight of algebra wouldn’t help much.

So, I don’t know how long this silly fad in education will last, but I hope it’s not long. There are more important things than math tests.

Ciao for now,



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