chamber: A Poem

give me your agony i love it here

these stone hard cold walls

i scream into them and

they scream back my very same


so i cry myself to sleep

again like every night or morning


give me your loneliness i love it here

it is too dark for fog but to dense for air

too heavy for my lungs

too hot for my clothes

i shiver in a pool of my own honesty

but the truth cannot end my passion


give me what you got i love it here

unfathomable darkness my eyes

will not


endless beyond silence my ears

will not

hear it

my imagination can conquer

all things inevitable

i am sure to be still rosy and round

yet why are my wrists in braille


they cannot penetrate

my superior abilities

i lay in my adobe fortress

where no man would put a battering ram

it is impossible to knock down


with a whip or a brand


i know what you want but i love it here


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