Belamelark: Help Me Coin a New Word!

So before I begin, here’s the back story:

I decided to watch this movie:

for two reasons:

1. Kristen Stewart stars as Josh Hutcherson’s older sister.

2. Josh Hutcherson stars as Kristen Stewart’s little brother.

I’d seen it before when I was younger, but had forgotten the premise of the movie and decided to watch it again (see reasons stated above).

That might sound really stupid to anyone else but…no yeah it’s pretty much stupid.


My sister and I found it so amusing that Peeta (Mellark) was related to Bella in this movie that we created a new word, belamelark. It’s a term that means “something that is very amusing.” (Creative, I know.)

But before I continue, I’m going to interrupt myself by adding this in: what’s especially amusing about this movie is that this kid:

Is supposed to grow up into this guy:

I think Josh got the better end of that deal!

Anywho, so if you could please use that word wherever you can, and if you think you have to (which you’ll probably have to) link it back to this so that people know what the heck it means.

Let me know (in the comments) if you’re going to start using this word ever! (I would certainly appreciate it!) Also you can let me know if you think this is dumb (which I would not appreciate as much).

Well that’s all. Have a belamelark everyday! And remember to stay in school, kids!

Ciao for now,


PS It hurts inside to have belamelark underlined in red dashes as I write this, so please remember to use the word!

PPS It’s actually a pretty good movie. I recommend it!


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