My Life in an Incident

I have this really great story started, and I’ve been thinking about it all day. (I’m not going to say what it’s about, not only is that irrelevant but I also don’t want to become a victim of Idea Theft.) I’ve been so desperate to get working on it that I’ve gotten both chills and heat. (I don’t know how many other writers there are out there who experience such desperation, but if that number is 0 than I suppose I’m just a bit of an oddball.)

When I finally got home, the upstairs computer, which I had been working on, was occupied. So I hurriedly stuffed it onto a flash drive and went to the downstairs computer, not considering any of my other priorities i.e. greeting/acknowledging everyone else.

I got a bizarre warning message that said there wasn’t enough power to support the external device, and so, in a rage of upset, I ripped the drive out and shoved it back in again, only to find that the message was the same.

A recommendation had also been embedded in the message: try plugging it directly into the computer. The drive came out of the keyboard and replaced the printer in the one USB port the computer has. Hyperventilating with excitement, I double-clicked on the flash drive’s white icon (which bears my name in case I become a victim of Thumb Drive Theft) and then opened the file which is my story.

A message of only a few words but rang as a death sentence in my ear blinked: Word cannot find the converter for this file. It was angry, those few words, because of my own anger. Many not-so-kind names flew from my mouth and landed upon the inanimate object of the monitor.

I could have cried.

And that is  my life in an incident, which, collectively, sums less than 24 hours.

Ciao for now,



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