I have sort-of-high standards as to who I consider my friends, being someone who can’t even say the word “friend” without feeling a little awkwardness.

But here are my own standards.

If you’re going to be friends, it will be apparent within the first five minutes. If you can’t keep positive, constant conversation for that interval, then you’ll never get along well enough to really be friends. If you are only friends with them to get to someone else or make someone else jealous, then you’re not really their friend at all. If they, in any way, make you feel uncomfortable, then get the hay out of there.

On the other side, here are the ways to tell if you’re really friends. If you hate them and complain about them constantly but still love them to death, then yes you’re friends. If you two can throw insults around at each other and both of you leave feeling better than before you started, then yes you’re friends. If you find yourself doing something for them and you’re not even sure why, then you’re definitely friends.

Friends are some of the most amazing things a person can ever have. They love you and you love them, and that enough is great. They would go out of their way for you, you would to it for them, and most importantly they’re NOT embarrassed to be around you. (If my friends were embarrassed to be around me, I might not even have them!)

But if you’re not friends, and you find yourself relating more to the top list, get out of there. You deserve someone better than that, because you are an amazing person. NEVER put your trust or your love with someone who doesn’t deserve it, ever, in ANY kind of relationship.

That message is a total cliché, I am aware, but it’s so important because getting around with people who don’t really love you is unhealthy and, unfortunately, all too common.

And with that being said,

Ciao for now,



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