Goodbye, 2012

Well, 2012 is coming to a close, and I still have yet to post my last post before it does.

Here’s what I’ve learned from 2012:

1.When I want a chicken sandwich, it all of a sudden means I have right-wing political opinions.

2. Keep your friends close and don’t bother even having enemies.

3. You should probably study for tests.

4.The Wii Fit is actually pretty fun.

And finally,

5. Don’t believe everything the Mayans tell you.

Have a great New Year!

Ciao for now,



An Open Letter to My Hair

Dear Hair,

I love you. I hate you. I love you. I hate you.


You look like her hair, but you look natural.

You are a lovely shade of dark chestnut and have hints of orangey tangerine in the sunlight. You frame my face like one of those painting frames that’s prettier than the actual painting. You curl and swirl on my shoulders and down my back, you are fun to run my fingers through. When you are clean, you are shiny like in a shampoo commercial. You are the curls all the stars want but look fake in. You are luscious and beautiful.


You have all these split ends and some days, like today, I can use as much conditioner as it would take to fill the Mississippi River, and31K88bmtSgL._SY300_ you will have more knots and tangles than the love stories in Friends. On these days, you are coarse and horrid and dry. You have split ends that have split ends that have split ends, and no matter how many split ends I snip there are always more to be snipped. You fall into my food, and you drop yourself all over my house. Things get stuck in you and I don’t even notice. You are mousey and filthy.


I suppose that much is my fault. I swirl you around with my finger and damage you, I roughly run combs through your strands, I ruin you with chlorine every time I go to swim. When I style you with elastics, I can hear you tear as I put them in and pull them out.

I’m so sorry, Hair. You are the best thing a girl could ever have, and yet I abuse you. Even after you make me look bad in public and make a mess in the shower drain, you are a dear friend. I hope you can forgive me.

You are beautiful, you are stylish, you are curly and bouncy. I love you, Hair.

Ciao for now,


Day 12 of 12


I was going to write something fun and/or meaningful, but it all basically boils down to this:

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope your season is merry and bright, and that it’s whiter where you are than where I am!

Ciao for now,


Christmas Eve (Day 11 of 12)

I just got home from a Christmas Eve get-together at a family friend’s house. I’d gotten all ready for bed and had started to rest when, with a gasp, I realized that I haven’t done my Christmas post for the day. I shot straight up from my bed and ran to the computer to write what I’m writing now.

Christmas is tomorrow? Since when? I’m so not ready. There are still a few people I need presents for. I haven’t really been anticipating Christmas the way I should because we just put up our tree yesterday and Christmas just hasn’t been the first thing on my mind. Still need to work on cleaning house before the people come over. Still need to feel like I’m really waiting for and desperately wanting Christmas to happen.

At this get-together, there was a brief yet satisfying gift exchange. I got this bracelet, which is bluish-turquoise and says FEARLESS on it. Ifearless bracelet image wouldn’t say that I’m FEARLESS because I’m afraid of a lot of things, like making mistakes and dying young. Unless I’m FEARLESS in some way I don’t know about (which might apply because I like putting myself out there (hence the blog)). I suspect that I got the bracelet because turquoise is my favorite color, but someone else there agreed that FEARLESS seemed “like” me…

Well, no need to over think things. It’s late, I’m tired, the Big Man is coming to my house tonight to give me a bunch of cool stuff, life is good.

When I was younger, I would have had a hard time sleeping. But tonight, I’m just pooped, and I’ll drop. Maybe it’s from social exhaustion or maybe it’s from a lack of anticipation, which would keep my eyes round and open all night if it were stronger, or there at all.

As I write this, all the Australian kids (who’ve been good this year) are enjoying their new presents. So to those of you across the globe, merry Christmas. And to those of you nearby, merry (future) Christmas. And a happy new year (which applies to both parties).

Hope the guy in the red suit brings you what you want/what you deserve!


Ciao for now,


My Stupid, Beautiful Artificial Tree (Day 10 of 12)


Well, the tree is finally up, everyone. It just wasn’t the Christmas season without it. I can actually feel Santa Claus in the air. It might be a little late, considering it’s Christmas Eve Eve (2 days until Christmas) but better late than never.

I love my tree. It’s taller than me (most things are, but still), and it is more fun than almost anything else in the world. It’s made of plastic and metal, and that’s totally fine with me. I have never missed the sentimental pine smell or the needles littering the floor. Nothing really says Christmas like lugging the plus-size cardboard box up from the basement, slicing through the tape and pulling out the cold red base. The holidays don’t really start for me until then. The angst that comes with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAuntangling the stupid lights is just part of the season, and is immediately rewarded when they start blinking. Pulling out the branches from the box and matching the colored tapes is enjoyable, but hazardous (I have pinkish cuts lacing up and down my right arm which I suspect came from the poky wires). But nonetheless, after all that physical labor it’s almost real-looking and totally worth it. This year, all the red lights went out but at that point we didn’t OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcare at all. We just hung up a bunch of round red ornaments to make things even out. Then, the tree was decked out with the same little oddities we’ve been using since forever: snowmen with names, plush mittens, sparkly orbs, and all the better things in life. The fake branches scratched me all the time, but I didn’t mind, because I wanted this teddy bear or that keepsake to be right there.

This is how it’s always been in my life, every Christmas. Not the belated-ness, but the big green thing in our living room, always a good amount of presents left by the old man in the red suit. It’s been there every year since who-knows-when, watching to make sure I’ve been good. It’s my stupid, beautiful artificial tree.

My favorite picture I took of the tree.

This picture turned out best.

Ciao for now,


This Is My 100th Post!


Wow! This is mikkiaaron’s 100th post. Wow. The blog and I have come so far together since its foundation on January 21st, 2012. That’s 338 days, not even an entire year.

I would like to thank my dad for setting mikkiaaron up for me. Also, I would like to thank my keyboard and mouse who have always been there for me., for sharing what I’ve written and making it accessible. And most importantly, I want to thank you, the readers, for reading, following, liking, commenting, and keeping me motivated to write more so that I could come to this day.

This is a beautiful thing.

However, it was kind of messy. When I posted my last post, the side bar thing said, “You have published 100 posts.” That was really scary, so I quickly scrolled my way to delete and less-than-half decent post I wrote a while ago so that the last one would be my 99th. (Disclaimer: I meant to delete that one anyway, so it’s not like I was cheating the system. Although, is it cheating just because I erase my mistakes? Oh well, philosophy is not my thing, as some of the readers who’ve been with me longer might know.)

So wow, 100 (give or take).

Thank you, readers. I love you guys, you’re the best.

Ciao for now,