So What Am I Like?

images-5That’s a good question. A very good question. And thanks for being among the first to ask it.

What I’m like is actually a pretty complicated subject. There’s not really a direct answer because it varies quite a bit, depending how open I’m willing to be, which I suppose is the beginning of the answer right there.

Some people might say I’m one of those “anime” types. I like drawing in the anime style, and I have read one manga series, and I do sort of dress the part (simply, decent but not too girly). But beyond that it doesn’t really apply to me.

Some people might say I’m an “awkward loner.” Socially awkward? Well, yes. That’s easy enough. I do spend quite a bit of time alone writing and such. And OH GOD DON’T PUT ME WITH NEW PEOPLE, OH GOD NO. But a loner? I wouldn’t say that. I have enough friends to suit me, which isn’t a million, but it’s definitely enough.

Some people might say I’m a “stupid” person. Got me there.

But here are a lot of things that summarize me.

I like to spend time on the internet. Although I’m not a fan of cat pictures (sorry cats, I hate you a little bit), the words “funny pictures” have been entered in my Google search bar more than once, usually following phrases like “Star Wars,” “Harry Potter,” or “Lord of the Rings.”

•I consider myself a nerd. I’m not one of those people who throws on nerd glasses and claims to be a nerd. I’m a legit nerd, thank you very much. I like nerdy things. I would watch Doctor Who if I got it on TV. I’ve seen a lot of the classic 60’s Star Trek episodes. And I HATE fakers (you know who you are).

•I start a lot of books, get about five pages in and drop them.

•I have a lot of great ideas, think about them for a week and drop them.•I get halfway through some drawings, realize they suck and drop them.

•I like to paint my nails, and I have this glitter which goes really well with pink.

•I can’t stand sexist guys.

•When it comes to politics, I can get really heated although I write better than I speak (which really doesn’t say much for how I speak).keep-calm-and-hate-1d-16

•Sometimes I stutter.

•I’m not good at dealing with stress.

•I’m not good at telling people “no.”

•I’m not good at telling people “I love you” or even telling people that I consider them my “friend.”

•I don’t fit in at all with the type of people who like One Direction, and that’s probably because I hate One Direction. (I probably shouldn’t hate them as much as I do.)

•I like to make avatars. (I love tektek!)tek50cbdea4305025486394

•I love to sing.

•No I mean, I really love to sing.

•Like A LOT.

•I am currently wearing straight jeans and my favorite jacket, a turqoisey-green Forth Face (which is a fake North Face, because why spend all that money to get a brand name?), and no shoes/socks.

•My left ring finger nail is white with a glitter-y Stormtrooper on it (I used my favorite glitter!)

I can be funny if I try.

•I tend to apologize for weird things I do, like how my voice sounds or leaving tags on shirts or phrasing sentences poorly.

•I looked up “question mark image” for this post and was freaked out by all the little people sitting on/standing near question marks.

•I think people on the internet care about what I’m like.

Ciao for now,



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