We Lack a Tree (Day 4 of 12)

Picture 5

So far, in my house, there isn’t a tree up. Last year we put the tree up on Christmas Eve, and I was hoping that we would get it up before then this year. Well, that wish might not come true. I can learn to live with that, I suppose. But even after all the things I’ve done with my blog (I guess they haven’t been many and numerous) I still don’t really feel the Christmas spirit yet, and it would certainly come faster if there were a tree up.

It’s not like we don’t own a tree (in fact, we have both a “big tree” and a “little tree,” both artificial trees but trees nonetheless). Maybe it’s just that there isn’t enough time in the day, or something. But that’s alright, Christmas break starts officially on Saturday (I don’t count the Fridays as part of the breaks) and then we can really do all the Christmas preparation that I’ve been dreaming of. Because I miss the hole where the lights and the shiny balls and the glittery things that go on Christmas trees should be. I miss trying to coordinate colors while everyone else is just trying to make sure every ornament we own gets put up, and I miss attaching all the branch segments to the main trunk by coordinating sticker dots.

I haven’t worn my Santa hat yet, I’ve only worn my Christmas shirt twice, I’m not even sure of anything realistic that I would want for Christmas (although I do have an entire fantasized list).

Gosh, guys, I’m so far behind.

Ciao for now,



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