Christmas Eve (Day 11 of 12)

I just got home from a Christmas Eve get-together at a family friend’s house. I’d gotten all ready for bed and had started to rest when, with a gasp, I realized that I haven’t done my Christmas post for the day. I shot straight up from my bed and ran to the computer to write what I’m writing now.

Christmas is tomorrow? Since when? I’m so not ready. There are still a few people I need presents for. I haven’t really been anticipating Christmas the way I should because we just put up our tree yesterday and Christmas just hasn’t been the first thing on my mind. Still need to work on cleaning house before the people come over. Still need to feel like I’m really waiting for and desperately wanting Christmas to happen.

At this get-together, there was a brief yet satisfying gift exchange. I got this bracelet, which is bluish-turquoise and says FEARLESS on it. Ifearless bracelet image wouldn’t say that I’m FEARLESS because I’m afraid of a lot of things, like making mistakes and dying young. Unless I’m FEARLESS in some way I don’t know about (which might apply because I like putting myself out there (hence the blog)). I suspect that I got the bracelet because turquoise is my favorite color, but someone else there agreed that FEARLESS seemed “like” me…

Well, no need to over think things. It’s late, I’m tired, the Big Man is coming to my house tonight to give me a bunch of cool stuff, life is good.

When I was younger, I would have had a hard time sleeping. But tonight, I’m just pooped, and I’ll drop. Maybe it’s from social exhaustion or maybe it’s from a lack of anticipation, which would keep my eyes round and open all night if it were stronger, or there at all.

As I write this, all the Australian kids (who’ve been good this year) are enjoying their new presents. So to those of you across the globe, merry Christmas. And to those of you nearby, merry (future) Christmas. And a happy new year (which applies to both parties).

Hope the guy in the red suit brings you what you want/what you deserve!


Ciao for now,



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