Shoveling: A Poem


I felt like a model today

while I was shoveling.

I had on my perfect shade of

olive green winter coat,

the one that matches


I had on a baby blue scarf, tied, just so,

so it puffed out a little

from under the coat.

A fleece hat


the look.

Snowflakes kept sticking onto my

Pinkermint™ lip gloss

(which I got for Christmas),

and then melted on the spot.

Dark, dark jeans

were balanced by highlighter-yellow boots.

I shoveled my neighbors’ drive,

and pictured


as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year,

with a caption:

“Beautiful and Helpful: A Fashionable Shoveller

Does Good in Her Community.”

That’s what

goes through my head

when I shovel.


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