Numbers and Letters: A Poem

please, this is my final wish,
count, for me, to ten.
they taught me how to long ago,
i want to learn again.


I Feel Sort of Lonely: A Poem



I feel

sort of


I feel sort of like the world

is on

my shoulders,


in my head, trying to


out. I feel

sort of depressed,

the temporary kind,

not that


doesn’t hurt.

I feel

sort of


although I have people

all around;

I feel sort of

lost, like I’m drowning

in a big world

and no one

can see me,

no one can hear

my SOS messages,


because they

don’t care, but because they



I feel sort of lonely,

not because

I am alone,

but because

I am very


Fresh Air

claritin-d12 copy

I don’t usually write promotions on mikkiaaron, but this is something I really must recommend to anyone who will listen. Here is my first-person, all-true testimonial:

I have always been an anxious person, constantly plagued by stress. Recently, my doctor recommended that I take a daily dose of fresh air. I went out for a walk and took in my prescription orally and nasally. The relief was fast-acting; within ten minutes I felt like a new me, and all thanks to fresh air.

Warning: Fresh air may cause a surplus of energy and is proven healthy in children under 18 years. It is recommended that fresh air is taken with exercise to get the full results. If you find yourself smiling more, or feeling composed or at peace, please contact your friends because these may be signs of being a more pleasant person to be around. Fresh air can be addictive.

Fresh air is the wonder drug of the century!

Ciao for now,


soft, juicy, vain, and wise

i will take off my shoes when i get home
just to feel the carpet beneath my toes.
sometimes i will paint snowy scenes
just because it makes me happy.
sometimes i will gorge on an entire package of
grape tomatoes, round and rosy,
sweet and delicious,
just because they taste good when they bleed.
sometimes i will ignore the commandments
and i put on makeup in two mirrors,
from which i can get every angle.
sometimes i let my thumbs tell me what to say,
because they always seem to know.
sometimes i wear converse
just to feel like i fit in. but
all the time, every hour of every day,
every day of every year,
and every year i have greeted by counting backwards,
that’s when i release myself,
soft, juicy, vain, and wise.

Fix-It Felix

I have watched the movie Wreck-It Ralph twice in the past few days. Both times, eagerly and willingly. Wreck-It himself is pretty cool, with his giant hands and generally older-brother attitude towards sweet little Vanellope. And his sarcasm was pretty great. Most of the time he was Sully and at the end he was the Iron Giant.

But the real hero of the movie is Fix-It Felix.

Let’s consider the archetype of the classic hero:

fix-it-felix1. The Call to Adventure

Felix’s pull from his fabulous life in the video game wasn’t as glamorous but just as noble as Ralph’s, if not more so. He goes out in search of his coworker who put their entire existence in jeopardy.

2. The Rough Road

Felix comes into encounter with the challenges yet to come the minute he leaves: he’s shot at by the cast of Hero’s Duty. Other challenges include the Nesquik-Sand, being slapped across the face to appease the Laffy Taffy, and being thrown into the dungeon.

3. The Supernatural Aid

Felix’s supernatural aid comes in the form of none other than Wreck-It Ralph himself, who breaks our hero out of the dungeon with his brute strength.

4. The Homecoming/Master of Two Worlds

Although there is not a display of Felix’s welcome home, it can be assumed by the viewer that his return was met with happiness, pies, and fireworks. And maybe a medal.

5. The Prize

Like any good hero, Felix got the girl. It was the best movie romance in a long time; they should all be like that!

Ciao for now,


Pi Day


the number of three-point-one-four
is a number all geeks adore
the number that a circle needs
to perform its rounded needs
the perfect number that exists
for circular relationships
it is the perfect number since
number-d is circumference
for area, square radii
this number will never lie
it is impossible to cry
when three-point-one-four is pie

. . .

math is so sweet in key lime
(and number worship’s not a crime)

Happy Pi Day Everyone!

Spring Freaks Me Out


I get it. Spring is all about rebirth and renewal, it’s about fluffy bunnies and Easter baskets and tulips and the color green. But I’m going to be very honest about it: spring is kinda freaking me out right now.

Where I live, the big snow of the year was relatively recent, about three weeks ago or so. Needless to say, I’m not ready for it to be gone yet. I haven’t done any of the cool stuff that most people do with snow. I haven’t made a snowman. I haven’t made a snow fort. What the heck is wrong with me this year?

I also draw a lot of inspiration from snow. There are so many emotions in snow. You could have someone sad or someone happy or in love, not to mention someone going through a spiritual cleansing, in the snow. Snow is a representative for every part of the soul. I’m not totally sure what I’m going to do without it.

So March, being the jerk it is, decides to come along and melt all of the snow. The snowman in our front yard, that I didn’t participate in building, is just a white lump with two detached twigs at its side. The temperatures that I was just getting used to rose dramatically, making my skin confused. I can hear birds chirping like everything is beautiful. What happened to the sound of snow blowers? Is that really too much to ask? Where did my winter go?

Another thing that I’m not looking forward to this season is not having an excuse to stay inside blogging/being a loser. Two of my favorite things that are difficult to do outside, and I can’t stay in to do them. Spring, do you realize that you’re ruining my existence? I don’t care if lovers love you or if you’re filled with chocolate eggs, I still think you could hold on for another month or so, and then I might consider embracing you with open arms.

So if anyone sees Mother Spring or whatever they’re calling her these days, could you have her enforce Operation: Delay Spring for me? That would be a big help.

Ciao for now,