Writing Music


I’m not totally sure why I do it.

When I’m writing “poetry” for the purpose of lyrics, it doesn’t turn out that great. Something about rhyming makes meaning nearly impossible to create. (Even Shakespeare didn’t rhyme all the time.) So, my lyrics aren’t fabulous. Although I’ll admit they’re better than Nicki Minaj’s or Justin Bieber’s lyrics (by somewhat of a landslide).

And then when I try to write the actual music part of the music, it either turns out cheesier than a Cheese Lover’s Pizza or I have so much fun playing around with the synthesized instruments on Garageband (the world’s best computer app that I would die without because I can’t actually play any instruments (does that make me pathetic?)) that I end up writing a completely different song anyway. And they usually stink like a dirty diaper or steroids.

Maybe it’s because I really enjoy doing it (which I do usually) and/or because it sounds really cool to say I do it.

Me: I like writing music.

Them: Dude you are awesome stay cool bro

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite like that . . . but people seem to think that just because I do it, I’m the next John Lennon or something.

Me: I like writing music.

Them: You must be like the next John Lennon or something stay cool bro

And yes, everyone I talk to does speak with poor grammar.

Disclaimer: I might be exaggerating slightly.

I’m not sure where I’m going. But might I say that I’ve spent more time writing music and such than I would like to admit, despite my lack of skill, which speaks for itself why I write music.

Yay music.Trumpet-icon

Ciao for now,



2 thoughts on “Writing Music

  1. I’ve played the piano, guitar, and the flute. I tried writing lyrics but found the repetition boring. There are some musicians other than John Lennon (I do love his though). Bob Dylan’s lyrics don’t rhyme. You may want to study his work to get a handle on your.

    1. In my song lyrics, I try really hard to avoid repetition, even in the choruses. I’ll look into Bob Dylan, the few songs of his that are already in my knowledge are really outstanding. Thanks for the feedback!

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