10-Day Blog Challenge…Day 5

Halfway through this!

Picture 20Six Things I Wish I’d Never Done

1. Started this challenge. I have no idea where I’m going to get five more regrets.

2. Liked that one guy. The only reason I liked him was because of this fabricated story that had me convinced that he liked me back, but he didn’t. And everyone knew that I liked him. And that’s probably why no one likes me.

3. This one kid mentioned that he didn’t like his family situation. I said, “Well that’s optimistic,” sarcastically. I wasn’t even THINKING that he was being ridiculous, or stupid, or pessimistic. Literally NO idea why those words came out of my mouth. Wish I’d never done that.

4. Discovered the internet. My days of productivity are over.

5. A while back I was a total non-conformist. Probably another reason people don’t like me.

6. Been in that relationship. It wasn’t a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but it was still a relationship. And it still hurt.

Ciao for now,



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