10-Day Blog Challenge…Day 6

Picture 20Five People Who Mean A Lot, in No Order Whatsoever

1. My mom! My mom is the best!

2. My best friend, who I love very much and see very often. We are very different but it’s okay, that’s part of the reason we’re so close.

3. My other best friend,who I love very much as well but don’t see very often. We’re pretty much exactly alike, although she’s a bit of a social butterfly whereas I am socially awkward. The only reason I don’t get to visit with her more often is because she lives three-ish hours away. We’ve been friends since preschool (I exaggerate not) and I think we’ll keep being friends for a while.

4. My little sister. Of course. I don’t know where I’d be without her. My little brother too.

5. And finally…drum roll please… this kid who talked to me this one day. I was sitting by myself, and he walks up and talks to me. He was very friendly about it. He never actually told me his name, although I happened to hear one of his friends call him, and I never told him mine. However, not only was it very exciting, but it gave me an ego boost too. Maybe I look more approachable than I feel like I do. So, to the kid who came up to talk to me, thanks. You might not have thought about it too much but it meant a lot.

Ciao for now,



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