Forty-nine is a decent number

of things to ask for,

because it isn’t quite fifty

so people won’t think you are mad with

greed. Forty-nine is

always within reason,

unless you happen

to be asking for physical objects (e.g.

toys if you are a child, in which case you

might be spoiled


But if you want friends

or hugs or reasons to live,

or compliments or states visited

before you die, or concerts attended before

you’re too old to attend concerts, then clearly

forty-nine is an

okay number. Besides,

no one really needs

to see Alaska. Forty-nine is even

on the pathway to six hundred

or ten thousand

or whatever number you happen to be aiming for,

and you have to get past forty-nine

before you even get to fifty.

Start with forty-nine

and make your way up.

It’s almost always

a good place to start.


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