What Happened to October?

27662343It seems like just yesterday that the entire internet was making “Wake Me Up When September Ends” jokes, and now Halloween is just 28 hours away. It feels like an entire month has come out from under my feet.

October is one of the best months of the year, right up there with May, June, and December. In October, the days start to turn darker, and every morning I wake up to a deep blue sky, still littered with stars and punctuated with a rosy moon. Before long, Daylight Savings Time is coming to an end and all that will be taken away from me.

I haven’t carved a pumpkin this year, and yet there are already Christmas decorations and Thanksgiving sales rushing in from all sides. I don’t want October to end. I’m not ready. Iā€“ā€“Iā€“ā€“

Okay, I need to calm down before I start hyperventilating. But, for me, the real annual end of innocence comes at the turn of winter. It symbolizes the end. At that point, you’re already in your 2014 mindset. The year has died.

My favorite holiday is Halloween. It’s when I can dress up, like I’m five again, and now it’s coming at me so quickly that I’m not sure I can grab it before it’s gone. This whole “October is almost over” thing isn’t working out too well for me.

Enjoy what you have left of autumn. It becomes winter before you even know it.

Ciao for now,




I simply cannot wait until Halloween.

I know it’s not for another week and two days. Don’t remind me. I actually have a countdown app on my phone just for this holiday.

So far, the spooky season has been working out for me. A wonderful dress at Goodwill actually worked out, so I’m going as “Zombie Prom.” It’s going to be creepy-tastic.

There’s nothing not to like about Halloween. There’s candy, there are happy children, there are cheesy horror flicks, and there’s a great excuse to cosplay. It appeals to almost every demographic you can name. It’s just as commercial as Christmas, too: stores pop up in September that cater only to this festival of the frightening; Americans spend $370 million on pet costumes alone. Really, it’s the coolest holiday on the calendar. It rarely disappoints.

Remember when you were a child, trick-or-treating? the way complete strangers smiled as they passed out sweets? how you screamed at the plastic heads hanging in trees in front lawns? That’s the point of Halloween. Finally, a holiday dedicated solely to enjoyment. It’s just what everyone needs as they get settled into the stressful end-of-summer routines of school and work.

That’s why I’m crossing my fingers and begging Halloween to come sooner. For the love of fun!

Ciao for now,


The Hulking Creature

I pity the hulking creature

who wears awkward, long dresses

and ill-fitting cardigans buttoned

only at the top.

She is the lovechild of

low intelligence and a lack of self-esteem,

locked into the miserable universe of

social isolation,

living the orbit of a far-away comet,

watching distant planets dance like moths

around a star.

She shivers and pulls her dress down to her ankles, playing

with her greasy bangs

to keep her numb fingers occupied,

occasionally smashing

into another space rock and

hovering through infinity until she finds

a new safe spot.

She never attempts to befriend

the other fallen rider or

swim to the tantalizing solar system,

never able expose her chilly

collarbone or her frosty knees, left

undiscovered until

her breathless body disturbs

the concentric circles of the cliques

she so longed to join.

These are Memories

THESE are the little scars

that cut slits in my heart,

that burn me while I sleep.


THESE are the little thoughts

that will not let me walk,

that chase me down the halls.


THESE are the little hopes

that dance into the sun,

that burn up into ash.


THESE are the little loves

that never love me back,

that always need me more.


THIS is the little way

that every day will pass,

that I will spend my life.