I simply cannot wait until Halloween.

I know it’s not for another week and two days. Don’t remind me. I actually have a countdown app on my phone just for this holiday.

So far, the spooky season has been working out for me. A wonderful dress at Goodwill actually worked out, so I’m going as “Zombie Prom.” It’s going to be creepy-tastic.

There’s nothing not to like about Halloween. There’s candy, there are happy children, there are cheesy horror flicks, and there’s a great excuse to cosplay. It appeals to almost every demographic you can name. It’s just as commercial as Christmas, too: stores pop up in September that cater only to this festival of the frightening; Americans spend $370 million on pet costumes alone. Really, it’s the coolest holiday on the calendar. It rarely disappoints.

Remember when you were a child, trick-or-treating? the way complete strangers smiled as they passed out sweets? how you screamed at the plastic heads hanging in trees in front lawns? That’s the point of Halloween. Finally, a holiday dedicated solely to enjoyment. It’s just what everyone needs as they get settled into the stressful end-of-summer routines of school and work.

That’s why I’m crossing my fingers and begging Halloween to come sooner. For the love of fun!

Ciao for now,



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