Missing Piece

Somewhere along the way

through my travels

I have lost a piece.


It’s not sizable enough

to be discovered by the naked eye

nor would it make any noise

upon hitting the ground.


There is no hole

left in its wake

no system corrupted by its absence

and yet I know that

it has fallen for

I feel incomplete.


The piece

upon its departure

took with it

my motivation

to stand up from the couch

and continue my battles.


Now I only lay siege lazily

waiting for the white flag

to arrive.filler!


The world is affected

by my lack of it

flowers take longer to bloom

and snow falls

even more dizzily

as it tumbles to the earth.


Inspiration begins

to move more slowly as well

inching like cautious molasses

self-aware and


apprehensive to let me

delve into its

precious resources.


If you find it


have the kindness

to return it safely

back home.

I need it

so I can write again.


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