Where Did the Time Go?!

Holy crud. Since when is it December twentieth? No one asked me if this was okay!

That means there are four more not-Christmas days until Christmas, today not included. You know how many presents I’ve bought? ZERO! I have bought zero presents! Zero is THIS many:


This is unbelievable! Unacceptable! Completely and utterly not okay! I haven’t gotten around to writing any super cool Christmas-themed stories. Heck, I haven’t even put up a tree yet. I’ve been doing some serious slacking. We need some Christmas up in here!

After finals today, a friend of mine (who happens to be agnostic Jewish) wished me a Merry Christmas. And I was like, “SHOOT! CHRISTMAS! I ALMOST FORGOT!”

I have been so caught up stressing out and going on the internet to avoid studying that Christmas has barely crossed my mind. Everyone’s asking me, “So what do you want for Christmas?”

And I just want to say, “How am I supposed to know?”

Maybe I’ll just ask for some Christmas for Christmas. Seriously. Just a deep breath, a cup of hot chocolate, and a nap. That would be great, thanks. And how about some mistletoe, when you’re at it?

Just when I thought my stress was going to be over for the next two-ish weeks, the holiday season has to start blinking its warning signs at me. Not cool. SO not cool. I just hope there’s enough time left to deal with it.

Feliz Navidad,



Frozen Landscapes: My New Story

Hey everyone!

I’ve decided to work on a story on a separate blog, at onefinalchanceforhumanity.wordpress.com. The story is called “Frozen Landscapes,” (working title) and here’s what it will be about (no spoilers, I promise).

A century in the future, humanity has been forced to live underground because of the harsh climate on the surface. Phoenix, the son of a powerful official, goes upstairs regularly to give away his clothes to the needy poor, whose ancestors decided to stay behind. On one fateful visit, he discovers an alien girl who has been dormant for decades, unnoticed. She wakens and together they have to prove that humanity is worth saving.

That’s as far as I can go without giving anything away.I Have the feeling that it will be a really great story, and encourage you to give it a look.

And don’t worry! I will still be posting to mikkiaaron, just maybe not as often.

Please check out the story (see link as listed previously), and share and give feedback!

Ciao for now,


Footprints in the Snow

Day I

Matthew follows

his older sister to the school bus.

“Come on, Matt,

we don’t want to be late.”

She takes long strides

He struggles to leap

from footprint to footprint,

chasing her boot pattern

careful not to make his own mark.


Day II

Matthew’s sister races

down the sidewalk,

towards the yellow bus that is already there.

Her legs are tall


Matthew’s, not so much.

His chubby snow pants leave wide indents

awkward circles

around the hole she left before

He cries



“You can’t be late today,


Matthew’s mom ties a scarf around his head

so warm breath spreads across his face.

His sister

looks indignant in the corner,

preening her hair

to pass the time

replaying the scolding

from yesterday when Matthew didn’t make it.


Day IV

Matthew’s sister’s ponytail

whips back and forth

as she walks sternly, with

determination. Matthew trails behind,

his sore legs dragging

causing solid lines

that rip across the snow.

Lacking confidence, he follows his sister undyingly

to the ends of the horizon.


Day V

Matthew’s sister is sick

She stays at home

strewn across the couch like a throw fleece

Matthew has to walk to the bus by himself.


there are no footprints to follow.

Each time he shifts his toes an inch

it is without certainty.

His cautious movements

make his mom

drive him to school.


Day VI

Even though Matthew’s sister

did not throw up this morning

and is feeling better,

she has a fever

he is on his own again.

The steps are mapped out

still there from yesterday

it did not snow last night.

He trots unconcerned, eventually looking up

from his breadcrumbs,

thinking only of making it to school on time

for the first time in a while.



Matthew and his sister walk side by side

she is still sniffling.

When the yellow bus pulls up

they are still a block away,

and it is Matthew who chases it down

and his sister

who drifts through


dot-to-dot footprints.


It’s hard to believe that today is the first day of December. Only yesterday, it would seem, was October; now Thanksgiving and Black Friday are a thing of the past. There have been some little whispers of snow in the sky, but nothing that survived on the ground for 24 hours. And yet, winter feels close.

Winter is a great season for a few reasons. For starters, there’s the joy of the holidays and all they entail. Go a little deeper, and you’ll remember the good times of childhood building snowmen and snow forts, and then coming inside with a pink nose to hot chocolate and the weird prickly feeling of warming up. For me, winter goes beyond that, to be an inspiration and maybe even an emotion.

Christmas is a big thing at my house, as it is with most who celebrate it, but it has bigger implications for me personally. Each snowflake, each blistery gust of wind, has a story inside it. Something I like to do is find those stories and write them.

Maybe this sounds crazy. Maybe it is crazy. However, the entire season of winter for me is an inspiration. I can find anything in it: survival in the cold, holiday romance, or frozen, broken hearts; maybe even someone coming in contact with innocent joy like one would an old friend. You name it. I’ll find it.

Last year, the coming of spring scared me. It brought the idea that the ink flowing from my pen might come to a halt. Nearly everything I wrote between December 21 to March 19 had to do with winter, even indirectly, and I predict that this year will be the same. It’s a fantastic thought.

Considering the amount of writing that has come from me recently (not a lot), the coming solstice will be a welcome change. And for that and everything else that comes with it, I can’t wait for winter.

Ciao for now,