excuse me: A Poem

sitting across the room

legs sticking out into the aisle,

“excuse me teach what was that?”

athletic shorts

skin and hair the same shade and tint

scribbling something or other

pencil dancing around

like the waves of the ocean,

“excuse me student what are you drawing?”

an illustration for lyrics

a song no one else in the room knows

in cursive

and hearts

stick figures holding hands, kissing even

“excuse me that seems rather girly”

pulling out glasses

putting them on

tucking them behind the ears

among the close-cropped hair

over the dark eyes

smiling with braces, a cocky grin

raising one eyebrow above the other

looking like a beautiful bad boy

“excuse me is that a problem?”


2 thoughts on “excuse me: A Poem

  1. I take my Grandchildren to places. I write always. People always stop and stare. Then they ask questions. I lose them quickly. I try to talk about books and literature. I like and understand the poem. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

    1. The same thing happens to me whenever I draw in public. People ask me who I’m drawing, so I tell them it’s no one, and they’ll usually go away. Thanks for sharing the personal story. Glad you liked the poem!

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