A Girl’s Weak Spot: A Poem

Ryan, his smooth head
shiny with fear, guided my foot––
right between the legs, he muttered,
moments before he crumbled
onto the slippery woodchips
and I, laughing, played ostrich with my toes
and tugged at his hand.

When will you show me
a girl’s weak spot? he asked
and once again I said tomorrow
though I wsn’t sure I’d ever found one.

So I swept droplets from the balance bars
as he chased the summit of the rain-greased slide
and fell back down.


Small: A Poem

tumblr_nnq8u4gVci1tiyj7vo1_500I named you “small” because
that’s what I wanted you to be.

I wished you were microscopic.

I wished you were the tiniest organism,
the common cold,
a vermin I could escape.

I named you “small” because
that’s the impact you should have had.

As a meteor
you would have burned up in the atmosphere
and left no mark upon the surface.

I named you “small” because
that’s how you made me feel.

I am influenza.

People wish I were gone.

I can’t
leave a crater on the earth. I can’tmake a mark.

I named you “small” because
I wanted to brush you away.

But you’re still in my periphery,
leaning into my vision,
big as ever.