About This Blog

I started this blog when I was in the eighth grade, so it’s a realm of relics––some of which I prefer to repress, but all of which had an impact on the person I am today. It’s interesting to see the way I have progressed as a writer and as a thinker over six years (and counting), and for that reason I will leave the ancient archives intact.

Among the posts on this blog, you’ll find a little bit of variety. Lately (e.g., for the past few years), I’ve mainly been posting original poetry, but I will still occasionally post something that hearkens back to the earlier (and more embarrassing) times of mikkiaaron: a sort of diary entry, although nowadays they’re more like short personal essays. Every so often, some fiction might appear, but as I’m really more of a poetry girl, it’s pretty infrequent.

I started this blog over five years ago, and I’m a college student now––a bonafide English major with a focus in creative writing (and three minors, to boot). This whole “writing” thing is truly what I’m about, so all and any feedback on what I offer is appreciated. Although the themes of my writing may seem a little scattered, everything here is a little view into my life. Be kind and enjoy.

Ciao for now,


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