10-Day Blog Challenge…Day 10 (Thank Goodness It’s Over)

This could get interesting.

Picture 20One Confession

1. I’m not sure if writing a book is for me.

You know those two posts I did about writing a book and how much fun it was? I’ve stopped writing that book. I simply lost interest and stopped writing. It makes me very sad, but it is what it is. Maybe you never will see a book with “By Mikki Aaron” on the front cover.

Don’t start crying yet! Don’t lose hope! Things could turn around. Maybe there will be a book. Just not soon.

In hindsight, this might not be the most shocking confession I could have made, but the most shocking one could put my life on the line, not to mention the lives of countless civilians, my loved ones, and people who read this blog.

Blogging is just my escape, the way Clark Kent is Superman’s escape. It’s hard to be…you know, whatever…all the time. Sometimes you have to pretend you have a normal life. Tony Stark and I used to jokingly call this our “day job” until he decided to be an idiot and tell everyone that he’s Iron Man. So all this “mikkiaaron” and “Mikki Aaron” and “romantic poetry” and “mindless stupidity” I’m doing…it’s all just pretend. Even a…you know…needs a break sometimes. You know?

But in more important news, maybe all this book writing nonsense could have gone more smoothly. And maybe a novelist isn’t on my list of possible careers. Oh well, right?

Ciao for now,



10-Day Blog Challenge…Day 9

This has got to be one of the worst prompts of all time. But here we go.

Picture 20Two Smileys that Describe My Life Right Now


Look at how frustrated he is. He looks like he’s about to murder something. He’s saying, “I’m gonna freaking cut you.”

I’m not this frustrated, but I am pretty darn frustrated. There are lots of things that are frustrating, almost exclusively having to do with my social life and/or family life.They’re normal person frustrations, but despite the fact that they could be much worse, they are quite frustrating.


This guy looks so darn happy. I mean really. Just look at him.

This face is totally me because, despite my mild frustrations, I am content. Also, considering my tendency to think about romance…a lot…this blushy little thing could be me most waking hours.

Ciao for now,


10-Day Blog Challenge…Day 8

Picture 20Three Turn-ons

1. Intelligence. I honestly do not have the power within me to date someone unintelligent. And when I meet someone who clearly is brighter than your average lightbulb, it kind of sets off a spark.

2. A well-dressed guy. There are a few looks that aren’t appealing to me at all––slouchy, swaggy, MC Hammer, and hipster, to give a few examples––but there is one that will just about do me in. That’s right: classy. Classy guys aren’t necessarily wearing hoity-toity suits with fancy ties. It could be as simple as a shirt that’s the right size and shorts that are an appropriate length (just above to just below the knee). Classy could be sweaters and dress shirts too, just don’t do it like this:

3. A nice laugh or smile. For some people, a smile can brighten up a whole face. In my eyes, someone who is enjoying himself is the most attractive. My favorite kind of smile is the one with teeth showing. My favorite kind of laugh is pretty much any laugh (unless it sounds like a choking horse; that’s what mind sounds like).

Ciao for now,


10-Day Blog Challenge…Day 7

Picture 20

Four Turn-Offs

1. Tobacco and/or drugs and/or alcohol. I don’t want to date someone who smokes. I don’t want to date someone who will be obedient to some dealer, for the purpose of illegal substances. And I most certainly do not want to date someone who gets drunk regularly.

2. Those shirts with memes on them. They seem to display that the wearer has no life, and on top of that can’t come up with jokes by himself.

No, just not interested.

No, just not interested.

Yes, yes you are.

Yes, yes you are.

…is what you'll be doing when I reject you, Lady Gaga.

…is what you’ll be doing when I reject you, Lady Gaga.

3. Annoying opinions. I won’t go into specifics ‘cuz I don’t want to offend anybody, but there are a lot of opinions that really tick me off. And those opinions will prevent me from dating the poor sucker who has them.

4. Moustaches. I get it, the whole “moustache” thing is in right now, what with necklaces and t-shirts. But they are not attractive. They make you look like a weird, creepy person when they’re by themselves on your face. And that’s why I will never date a guy with a moustache.

Oh, gross.

Oh, gross.

Ciao for now,


10-Day Blog Challenge…Day 6

Picture 20Five People Who Mean A Lot, in No Order Whatsoever

1. My mom! My mom is the best!

2. My best friend, who I love very much and see very often. We are very different but it’s okay, that’s part of the reason we’re so close.

3. My other best friend,who I love very much as well but don’t see very often. We’re pretty much exactly alike, although she’s a bit of a social butterfly whereas I am socially awkward. The only reason I don’t get to visit with her more often is because she lives three-ish hours away. We’ve been friends since preschool (I exaggerate not) and I think we’ll keep being friends for a while.

4. My little sister. Of course. I don’t know where I’d be without her. My little brother too.

5. And finally…drum roll please… this kid who talked to me this one day. I was sitting by myself, and he walks up and talks to me. He was very friendly about it. He never actually told me his name, although I happened to hear one of his friends call him, and I never told him mine. However, not only was it very exciting, but it gave me an ego boost too. Maybe I look more approachable than I feel like I do. So, to the kid who came up to talk to me, thanks. You might not have thought about it too much but it meant a lot.

Ciao for now,


10-Day Blog Challenge…Day 5

Halfway through this!

Picture 20Six Things I Wish I’d Never Done

1. Started this challenge. I have no idea where I’m going to get five more regrets.

2. Liked that one guy. The only reason I liked him was because of this fabricated story that had me convinced that he liked me back, but he didn’t. And everyone knew that I liked him. And that’s probably why no one likes me.

3. This one kid mentioned that he didn’t like his family situation. I said, “Well that’s optimistic,” sarcastically. I wasn’t even THINKING that he was being ridiculous, or stupid, or pessimistic. Literally NO idea why those words came out of my mouth. Wish I’d never done that.

4. Discovered the internet. My days of productivity are over.

5. A while back I was a total non-conformist. Probably another reason people don’t like me.

6. Been in that relationship. It wasn’t a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but it was still a relationship. And it still hurt.

Ciao for now,


10-Day Blog Challenge…Day 4

Picture 20Seven Things that Cross My Mind a Lot

1. I’m not sure I want to be around this guy. Why is he still here if we all hate him?

2. I can’t believe she doesn’t get it. I mean, how can she not get it. Everything is laying right out in front of her.

3. Does my hair look okay?

4. God, I’m so hungry. Feed me.


6. Well that was awkward.

7. I should probably go exercise…

Ciao for now,