It’s so hard to wrap my head around the fact that 400 (really, now, 407) people have consciously and willingly followed this little hub of nonsense that I call mikkiaaron. I would send you each a note of my gratitude, but there’s hardly time and these 400 words should suffice.

Had someone told me three years ago that this tremendous number of individuals would be reading what I had to say, I probably would have been taken aback. “400 followers?” I would have scoffed. “Me?” But here we are. And I could not be more proud, or more pleased.

This has been quite an adventure of self-discovery and improvement. Each one of these posts represents my real situations, and my real feelings, even if they’re abstracted, and it’s been great to have the opportunity to share them with all 400 (give or take 7) of you, especially since I’ve been accepted so graciously by everyone who reads mikkiaaron.

Even now in my life, I’m having doubts about how far I can take my writing––or, rather, how far my writing can take me. However, I know that here, on this blog, there will always be a place for whatever words I need to throw into the world, and there will be someone to read those words once they’ve been tossed into the void. I put things onto mikkiaaron that I can’t say out loud; I’ve written all sorts of indirect things to people in my life, feeling safer knowing that they will never read them. Maybe that makes me weak, but it doesn’t really matter, because the words will strike someone else, and, if they don’t, they’ll remain on this blog until I need to see them again.

The transformations my writing has undergone between the time I started out and now are simply preposterous. I can recall the excitement when that first “like” rolled in after my first-ever post, and a bit of that still exists with every notification that comes. A lot of you guys come by quite often, and it’s almost like you’re my…fans. It’s weird to use that word, especially since I’m still a measly amateur. What I mean to say is that it makes me something beyond happy to see people coming back to read whatever bit of writing is new. That, by itself, is absolutely fantastic. Nine-fantastic_zps40b2eaf8

Thank you all so much for being a part of mikkiaaron.

Ciao for now,



Very Inspiring Blogger Award

very-inspiring-blogger-award-1I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by the poetry blogger Stellular Scribe! The poems there are lovely, if you’d like to check them out. Thanks so much!

The rules for this award are as follows:

1. Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you. (Done! See above.)

2. List the rules and display the award. (Wow, so far, this doesn’t seem too hard.)

3. Share seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

5. Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

It seems like the next thing to do is to share seven things about myself. I almost feel like there might not be seven facts about me, but we’ll see.

1. I recently finished series 4 of Doctor Who. I love Captain Jack Harkness.

RenditionJack(With a face like this, how could I not?)

My favorite companion so far is Donna Noble.

donna2. I have a serious Tumblr problem.

Come on! I’ve only been on for a couple of months, and yet I’m already having these issues. Fortunately, it’s summer and there are fewer responsibilities to manage, but I really need to get my priorities in line before fall comes around.


Like any good Tumblr kid, I have my ships and OTPs, but let’s just say those are . . . for another blogging platform.

3. Tomorrow, I’m leaving for New Mexico.

state-flag-new-mexicoI won’t be blogging much while I’m out there, partly because I need to spend time with family (etc. etc.) but mostly because of the slow internet connection. (Yes, I know. Priorities. *sigh*)

4. I’ve been learning guitar since September, and can proudly say I know over half of the songs in my “Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits for Easy Guitar” book. How much over half I will not say.

5. I believe puns are the purest form of humor. I’m not going to go spraying them out right now, because I never tell them without context––but there is no limit to how low I’ll go for he sake of a pun.

lord_of_the_puns_3_by_ds_owen-d792coj6. I dream of being an author. I’m going to be one of those really hipster-y, self discover-y writers living in a studio with a laptop and it’s going to be fantastic.

Nine-fantastic_zps40b2eaf87. I pronounce gif the right way, the way God intended––with a hard “g.”

Now for the 15 nominations. These blogs were selected based on how much I enjoy reading their posts, with no specific genre being covered. Drum roll please . . .

1. vicariously in love with you

2. solidifiedsentiments

3. Notquiteold

4. TeenGirlsthatWrite

5. Not a Punk Rocker

6. Desperately Unrehearsed

7. fashion, food, and flirts

8. peoplepudding

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10. Becky Says Things

11. 18yearsyoung

12. NotTheWorstNews

13. I Tried Being Tasteful…

14. anileabby

15. ifnoonereadsyourblogyouareablogger

This turned out to be a bigger project than I anticipated (and I have yet to tell those I’ve nominated that they’ve been nominated)! But I’m still grateful to Stellular Scribe for this opportunity. Thanks for reading!

Ciao for now,


Spring Cleaning

care_n_clean_african_am_ladySpring cleaning is usually applied to the tidying of the indoors, but there’s no reason not to tidy up the blog too. There are several posts I’m considering taking down, for the sake of neatness. If there is anything that you would like me to keep up, let me know and I will leave it as-is. Here’s the current list, with links:

1. All posts under the category “Summer Vacation”

2. All posts under the category “The Seemingly Stupid Adventures of Non Sequitor” (In my opinion, these are kinda funny, but no one else seems to agree with me)

3. All posts under the category “Reblogs” (both of these are from blogs my friends had, and have since discontinued)

4. All posts under the category “My Life Inside of the Little City on a Computer Chip” (these will probably go up on their own blog, under a different title, when I’m done with Frozen Landscapes)

That is all for now, but I’ll post any updates if I decide to single out posts, either in the comments or in a new post.

Thank for any input. Please let me know if I am making good decisions!

Ciao for now,


Wow. I’m Getting Old.

Guess how long I’ve been blogging on mikkiaaron. Take a shot. No risk.

It’s been two years. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a long time. In some ways, I’m still an internet novice. However, the past two years have been some of the most dramatic in my life so far, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to share them with my readers.

An even 270 are currently following mikkiaaron. Each one subscriber, whether you have been with me since 2012 or since yesterday, has helped me grow. Just the sheer number is astounding. All of the positive feedback I’ve received in the comments has brought me so far as a writer. Thank you.

It truly has been an adventure. Looking back at my earlier posts and coming forward, it’s easy to watch parts of my life story play out. Sometimes, during the process of writing things to be published on my blog, I have discovered truths about myself and the little world I live in. I’ve shared so much of myself on this platform and it’s been taken so gracefully. For this, I am truly grateful.

I know I haven’t been keeping up with the blog lately. The posts will return to normal as soon as I get used to having a daily routine again, which should be fairly soon.

Until then,

Ciao for now,



Spam: A Poem

Author’s Note: 100% of the following was copied and pasted directly from spam comments on this blog. The only thing I changed was the line spacing, since, clearly, they weren’t already in poem form. Also, some of the spam had to be shortened for the sake of not being boring. Without further ado, here goes nothing.


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10-Day Blog Challenge…Day 10 (Thank Goodness It’s Over)

This could get interesting.

Picture 20One Confession

1. I’m not sure if writing a book is for me.

You know those two posts I did about writing a book and how much fun it was? I’ve stopped writing that book. I simply lost interest and stopped writing. It makes me very sad, but it is what it is. Maybe you never will see a book with “By Mikki Aaron” on the front cover.

Don’t start crying yet! Don’t lose hope! Things could turn around. Maybe there will be a book. Just not soon.

In hindsight, this might not be the most shocking confession I could have made, but the most shocking one could put my life on the line, not to mention the lives of countless civilians, my loved ones, and people who read this blog.

Blogging is just my escape, the way Clark Kent is Superman’s escape. It’s hard to be…you know, whatever…all the time. Sometimes you have to pretend you have a normal life. Tony Stark and I used to jokingly call this our “day job” until he decided to be an idiot and tell everyone that he’s Iron Man. So all this “mikkiaaron” and “Mikki Aaron” and “romantic poetry” and “mindless stupidity” I’m doing…it’s all just pretend. Even a…you know…needs a break sometimes. You know?

But in more important news, maybe all this book writing nonsense could have gone more smoothly. And maybe a novelist isn’t on my list of possible careers. Oh well, right?

Ciao for now,


10-Day Blog Challenge…Day 9

This has got to be one of the worst prompts of all time. But here we go.

Picture 20Two Smileys that Describe My Life Right Now


Look at how frustrated he is. He looks like he’s about to murder something. He’s saying, “I’m gonna freaking cut you.”

I’m not this frustrated, but I am pretty darn frustrated. There are lots of things that are frustrating, almost exclusively having to do with my social life and/or family life.They’re normal person frustrations, but despite the fact that they could be much worse, they are quite frustrating.


This guy looks so darn happy. I mean really. Just look at him.

This face is totally me because, despite my mild frustrations, I am content. Also, considering my tendency to think about romance…a lot…this blushy little thing could be me most waking hours.

Ciao for now,