Convenience Store: More Lyrics

We walk to the convenience store
We buy iced tea and nothing more
You’re shopping for a bit of fun
That’s not what you tell anyone

You press your nose against my cheek
You look at me, eyes round and meek
But you feel shameless in your crime
I don’t know you’re just killing time

10 p.m., we’re on your quilt
and I don’t see the flowers wilt
I feel your weight across my chest
Of all my friends, you are the best

The petals fall into the dirt
I don’t yet know that I should hurt
We walk to the convenience store
But you don’t love me anymore



Almost: A Poem (or, rather, Lyrics for which I May Never Write Music)

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 5.31.17 PM

Crooked-tooth beauty, your wide smile curved
I saw you were everything I almost deserved
Head on your collarbone, I didn’t feel so alone
Affectionate words, unreserved

Your eyes, crinkled pastries all happy like that
Your toes, autumn-awkward on the welcome mat
You shone perfect pink, let your long lashes blink
Then lifted me up, swift, strong acrobat

Crooked-tooth beauty, you spun me around
Like a hot-air balloon peeled up from the ground
My giggles went pealing; swear I touched the ceiling
And back in your arms, warm and safe, I was found

What bright stroke of luck had granted me you?
What guardian angel did I have? Or who
Would read my bent mind and then be so kind
As to hand me the best thing the heavens can do?

Tumultuous beauty, I held you to me
Light met your green eyes like sunsets on the sea
Sweet fragile foam, you became my home
Now my boat is lost and I am so alone.

Song One


You’re somewhere far beyond the horizon I can see.

You’re somewhere in the long distance, are you waiting for me?


The next time that I close my eyes, I’ll love you until dawn.

And when you wake up from your dreams, do you miss me when I’m gone?


Every little lullaby keeps whispering your name,

And though I keep an open mind I still can’t win the game.


The thought that keeps me going on is your voice in my brain.

The fact that you are still not here is driving me insane.


So tell me, do you feel a thing just picturing my eyes?

Do you wonder what stars I see when you’re looking at the skies?


Do you take the time to know that I am on this Earth?

Could you even realize just what this life is worth?


Love can live across the maps although we’ve never met.

It can happen, and it will, it just hasn’t yet.

Front Porch Serenade


I gave a dandelion kisses

Trying to make a hundred wishes

But in the end, I only scatter seeds.


I laid my body in the grass

And waited for the time to pass

But time can never fill my strongest needs.


I bandaged all my cuts and scrapes

I hid the living room with drapes

But somehow all the light kept getting in.


I wrote a song to sing to you

But never got the courage to

And now it’s just a tune that feels thin.


I counted every passing minute

Wishing that I had you in it

But my words don’t know how to do more.


I gave a dandelion kisses

Trying to make a hundred wishes

The seeds all floated softly to your door.

station: A Poem

there was something different when i woke up that morning, i could see it in the sky
there was something new in the universe i knew i would try
i heard it comes in the shape of a heart, but it came in the shape of a train
i fumbled my voice when i tried to start, it was a morning i still can’t explain

there was something new when i bought my ticket, unless the story is too old
but the story’s always that morning’s story, no matter how often told
i thought i could never find someone, although my efforts were quite rare
and then i looked up for a second, and everything was there

there was something waiting behind the yellow line, i could feel it through my feet
i could see it behind a greenish window, sitting in a a plastic seat
the sound of skate shoes on the pavement, that was all i could hear
that something of that morning of that day meant a new age was near

and my life looks like a tallish guy
in dark jeans and a hood
with an iced tea in raspberry
gladly misunderstood
and my life was changed in at the bat of an eye
and my life was changed with a tender sigh
and so i ran for it
i ran for the rest of my life