Why You Should Drop Everything and See Frozen

Yes, it’s a musical. Yes, the main characters are princesses. Yes, there is romance. But no, it is not just another romantic princess musical.

Unlike Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, and the rest of the crew, who exist solely to pine for a prince, these ladies have their own agendas. Elsa and Anna are here to discover themselves and everything that’s waiting for them in the world.

If the Oscars didn’t convince you to drop everything and see Frozen, maybe this post will.


Elsa has powers she can’t control, and her struggle is learning to win the mental game, as in the song “Let It Go.” Her character is empowering to watch. She goes through this tremendous evolution once her secret is out, and that alone is fantastic. Despite seeming secondary to Anna’s character, she is my favorite.

I personally connected to her because she never had a romantic relationship throughout the entirety of the movie. In fact, she spends most of her life caged up inside her room in order to protect her sister. Despite not having a man, she can rise up to defeat her challenges. This is a message we never see enough of in the media, and it’s a liberating experience to watch that happen––not just for single ladies like me, but also for younger girls, and older girls, too, who need a reminder.

anna_in_frozen-wideAnna, the more featured of the two, learns what love really means. Disney seems to critique itself as she gets engaged to someone the night she meets him. Besides her fiancé, Hans, and herself, no one  is in support of this decision, although the couple-to-be do share an amazing love song. Elsa and another character both chew her out and are openly appalled by her engagement.

Like her sister, Anna goes through a metamorphosis, although it is more subtle. To go more in depth would give away some major plot points, but it is, assuredly, very satisfying.

Frozen is empowering, beautiful, and fun all at the same time. It’s got a great score and a great meaning, and it’s one of Disney’s steps into a new age of princesses. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, go see it now.

Ciao for now,



May the Fourth Be With You


It’s National Star Wars day, and I don’t think I could be a true fan if I didn’t say a little something for one of the greatest movie series of all time. (Original trilogy, of course.)

There are a lot of reasons why I appreciate Star Wars, and here are five:

1. Harrison Ford is a pretty great Han Solo.hansolo

2. Princess Leia is one of the best girl characters of all time.

3. Yoda taught me, “Do or do not do; there is no try.”

4. It helped me connect with the people that really understand me.

5. The movies made me interested in sci-fi.

I have lots of friends who just don’t “get” Star Wars, which is okay. I won’t hold that against them. (That’s not true; I’ll just try not to think about my sad, bottom-dwelling friends who will never understand what is to live.)

Without Star Wars, I wouldn’t have much to fangirl about. Because when push comes to shove, I don’t have a lot of interests that have characters and plot lines (that someone else made) and I need to hold onto Star Wars because it empowers the nerd within me, and makes me who I am. Without Star Wars, considering asking someone out wouldn’t have taken so long. My life would have less humor and joy. I wouldn’t be able to wear a shirt with Darth Vader walking an AT-AT and feel like that’s socially acceptable.

A lot of people have been looking with dread upon the Disney revival of the series, but that person is not writing this post. I hope that, since it didn’t happen today, the first Disney Star Wars movie goes into theaters in exactly one year. So that on National Star Wars day I can wear my previously-described tee and waltz into a theater and feel like one of the greatest nerd-fans of all time.

Ciao for now,


P.S. Here are some great Star Wars jokes to laugh at!

StarWarsFunny a.baa-Funny-Storm-Trooper AmishMafia001-1  1279811781165funny-star-wars-best-escelator 9780345498700_p0_v1_s260x420 funny-picture-darth-vader-hey-i-just-met-you-but-im-your-father-so-join-me-maybe-555x798

The Most Depressing Movie I’ve Ever Seen

eragon_ver4I am a huge fan of the Inheritance Cycle. And, I’ll be very straightforawrd here, there simply is no accurate description of how disappointed I was in this movie.Joss-angela

Christopher Paolini wrote Eragon when he was still a teenager, and for this he is my personal hero. I have read the series twice (except for the Inheritance, which I have yet to reread) and they are not light. Reading the book, I imagined myself playing Angela, my favorite character, who is essentially a ninja in a dress, with the same hair type as me (dark and curly!) At your right you will find an image of how she is depicted in the film.

I wish to directly address the director, Stefen Fangmeier, and the screenplay writer, Peter Buchman. Clearly, when you read this book, you weren’t considering any of the fans and what they might want from the movie. You didn’t think about the major characters you decied to downgrade or eliminate entirely, i.e. Angela the herbalist (not to mention Solembum). You neglected the Ra’zac, who were not the offspring of the bogeyman and the mummy, but were ghastly beaked assassins. You forgot that Saphira is snarky and fun-loving, that Arya doesn’t have romantic feelings for Eragon (and also would never wear a skirt), and that there is potentially some reason that half of the dialogue spoken by Brom in the movie is spoken by someone else later on in the series. It’s obvious you never considered why fans of the Harry Potter books actually like the movies too. Your movie was corny and cliché, not to mention unsuccessful, everything that should never have come from an excellent book.

I wonder if Christopher Paolini cried in any way when he saw the butchered version of his masterpiece. I know I did.

Ciao for now,



Fix-It Felix

I have watched the movie Wreck-It Ralph twice in the past few days. Both times, eagerly and willingly. Wreck-It himself is pretty cool, with his giant hands and generally older-brother attitude towards sweet little Vanellope. And his sarcasm was pretty great. Most of the time he was Sully and at the end he was the Iron Giant.

But the real hero of the movie is Fix-It Felix.

Let’s consider the archetype of the classic hero:

fix-it-felix1. The Call to Adventure

Felix’s pull from his fabulous life in the video game wasn’t as glamorous but just as noble as Ralph’s, if not more so. He goes out in search of his coworker who put their entire existence in jeopardy.

2. The Rough Road

Felix comes into encounter with the challenges yet to come the minute he leaves: he’s shot at by the cast of Hero’s Duty. Other challenges include the Nesquik-Sand, being slapped across the face to appease the Laffy Taffy, and being thrown into the dungeon.

3. The Supernatural Aid

Felix’s supernatural aid comes in the form of none other than Wreck-It Ralph himself, who breaks our hero out of the dungeon with his brute strength.

4. The Homecoming/Master of Two Worlds

Although there is not a display of Felix’s welcome home, it can be assumed by the viewer that his return was met with happiness, pies, and fireworks. And maybe a medal.

5. The Prize

Like any good hero, Felix got the girl. It was the best movie romance in a long time; they should all be like that!

Ciao for now,


Dreams and Les Mis

I went to see Les Miserables two-ish days ago. It was a really fantastic movie and I would definitely watch it again. I cried like a baby through about half of it, which was slightly awkward because I had gone with some of my friends and whenever I cry during a movie I feel like I’m the only one crying. Unlike a lot of movies (i.e. LOTR) when soldiers from either side were killed I twinged a little and it was all a little more personal than a lot of movies I’ve seen. I recommend in the highest (if that makes any sense).
And all this death and hurt and personal feelings got me to thinking about this dream I had two-ish weeks ago that was also very personal and painful and also vaguely related to LOTR (sort of).
I was a warrior in one of those old-timey fantasy-style battles. A bow was passed up to me, a shaft of arrows already against my back. I grabbed the reins of my chestnut horse and rode into battle. A bowman stood on a platform, mowing down the army that I was a part of. His one weakness was a gap in the wall surrounding the platform, which he had his back to. My burden was to slash his back as my horse ran past him. My horse and I were in a long line, extending both in front of and behind us, of people who had failed at this task and people who had yet to attempt it. I reached my sword out, but I was either too late or too far away from him. He swiveled, anger across his face, and I saw what came next before it came. He pulled back the bow and let an arrow fly right into the center of my neck. It was a weird feeling, not at all unlike getting food caught un my throat. Death was peaceful, quiet, and fast: I was dead before my body hit the ground. Then came a noise, a flapping like rapid wings, growing louder and louder and being pumped directly into both of my ears.
And then I woke up.
I’m not sure why exactly, but I have this eerie suspicion that that’s just what death is like (in the words of Sirius Black, “just like falling asleep”).
But anyway you should watch Les Miserables sometime, it really is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and probably will be one of yours too, if you haven’t seen it yet.
Ciao for now,

PS This is the first post I wrote on my phone.

PPS I would say “the first of many” but I can’t promise that there will be another one. It’s impossible to edit on that thing.

PPPS The only reason that dream is like Lord of the Rings is because of the fantasy-style battles.

PPPPS That’s all.

Belamelark: Help Me Coin a New Word!

So before I begin, here’s the back story:

I decided to watch this movie:

for two reasons:

1. Kristen Stewart stars as Josh Hutcherson’s older sister.

2. Josh Hutcherson stars as Kristen Stewart’s little brother.

I’d seen it before when I was younger, but had forgotten the premise of the movie and decided to watch it again (see reasons stated above).

That might sound really stupid to anyone else but…no yeah it’s pretty much stupid.


My sister and I found it so amusing that Peeta (Mellark) was related to Bella in this movie that we created a new word, belamelark. It’s a term that means “something that is very amusing.” (Creative, I know.)

But before I continue, I’m going to interrupt myself by adding this in: what’s especially amusing about this movie is that this kid:

Is supposed to grow up into this guy:

I think Josh got the better end of that deal!

Anywho, so if you could please use that word wherever you can, and if you think you have to (which you’ll probably have to) link it back to this so that people know what the heck it means.

Let me know (in the comments) if you’re going to start using this word ever! (I would certainly appreciate it!) Also you can let me know if you think this is dumb (which I would not appreciate as much).

Well that’s all. Have a belamelark everyday! And remember to stay in school, kids!

Ciao for now,


PS It hurts inside to have belamelark underlined in red dashes as I write this, so please remember to use the word!

PPS It’s actually a pretty good movie. I recommend it!