5 Songs to Describe My Music Taste

Hey all!

I know it’s been a while since I uploaded any poetry or other writings. The thing is, despite all of the new experiences I’m having, I don’t really have any poems inside of me. I’m working on a more extended writing project at the moment, but I’d like to keep that to myself–for the time being, at least.

In lieu of new literature here, I decided I might divulge a little more information on myself. And I’m of the mind that few things say more about a person than the music they listen to. So, I’ve decided to share with you guys some of my current favorite songs. (The titles in the list are YouTube links. All open in a new tab.)

from duke-of-bretagne.tumblr.com

from duke-of-bretagne.tumblr.com

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The Ultimate Summer Playlist: A Poem

tumblr_meawskv1GL1r30mgpo1_500 It made her feel like the sun,

baked sand and happy blisters,

hot but worth it.

It made her feel like a can of something sweet,

snapped open on the beach;

like cicadas,

whispering secrets under the moon;

like watermelon

and strawberries

and lemonade

and iced tea

and hot dogs fresh off the grill.

It made her feel like holding hands,

something she had never tried;

like kissing and blushing

and all the confusion that follows.

It made her feel like a blissful rain,

breaking the sky in two to kiss the Earth,

watching all of its inhabitants skip and glide,

laughing, breathless,

for umbrellas and shelter.

It made her feel like crop tops

and short shorts

and everything she was too timid to touch.

It was just a bunch of songs, maybe,

but especially arranged to create the perfect,


vicarious love

that she could never attempt herself.

The Burial: A Poem

We bury ourselves in the sound.

It is the dirt that rolls

around us, into us,

the dirt that drops behind our eyelids

and pauses lightly at our lips–

the warm soil, the nourishing earth,

here to protect us from formaldehyde

and needles and nooses

and downpour in the heartbreak.

We dig ourselves downwards

to escape the oppressive sky

and the alleged eyes here to protect us,

and the thoughts, so unquiet,

are softened by the song

like wolves domesticated by gentle hands,

like water sleeping in puddles on the sidewalk,

like summer winds at a standstill.

We bury ourselves in a slurry of murmurs

and we swim away, away, far away

from the coffins and tombstones

and we avoid suffocation.

The sound is our home.

Mary Lambert, the queen of my existence

Mary Lambert, the queen of my existence

Okay: A Poem

Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 5.54.53 PMThere is no offer of roses and daisies
nothing beautiful is assured

But every time he implores me, every time
he reminds me of value even in hurt
there are implications of petals
along the corners of his lips
rising from the blunt colors of his irises

He hugs me with words of
worth exists
and you can get to know okay

There is no promise of better,
it cannot be promised
but there is a promise of okay
even among the not okay

What i can’t feel now i will later
he assures me
whether it’s red or blue
so i put my breath down
and drop my fist sharpness
and for now it’s all okayokay

Tether Me Down: A Poem


Numb my ears and hold me still,

give me purpose to fulfill.

Shout a name out, shout a song–

you always seem to shout it wrong.

When I’m drowning, God forbid,

drowning now in things I did,

as the air escapes my lungs,

hold my body to the rungs.

Tether me, and whisper things,

whisper silence ’till it sings,

whisper with a shouting song,

say I did good all along.

Promise me you’ll never go.

(I know that you will go, though.

It’s only time before we break–

I break–do it for my sake.)

My ashes like snow on the town,

At least you had me tethered down.


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Become Endless: A Poem

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click image for credit

It is the end of breath,
–––the end
––––––—-.of death.
The convergence of a million small coincedences
–––––(rather large)
strumming and humming, pounding
––––––––and flashing, a million images in a million colors;
––––––––we are become the universe:
A starship, a warship; a star, a war.
––Light us on fire and come.
Come where the strobes are in our souls
––––––––-.the words in your chest, our chest,
–––––––––––where breath ends,
––––––––––––––––––––––––and death ends,
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––-–––but we
––––––––become endless.

Dance in the moonlight, the starlight, and sunlight;
–––and the light of your eyes, of your fingertips;
––––––the light of your lips;
–––––––––the light of a million things
––––––––––––––––––––––––––—(rather large)
–––––––the light of the sound and
–––––––––––––––––––––––––become endless.

Become endless
–––––––––––on your arms and your thighs:
–––Become endless in the song and
–––––Lose yourself
––––––––––––––-in your own infinity

New Hollow


Left to Right: Chad Blashford (drums), Evan West (vocals, guitar), and Mookie Clouse (vocals, guitar).

It’s about time I introduced you all to my favorite band.

New Hollow performed wonderfully when I saw them a few weeks ago. Even though I knew very few of the songs they played, as many are yet unreleased,the concert enthralled me the whole time. They are very talented and very enthusiastic on stage. Their live performance was just as good as any studio recording, a feat not many bands can attest to.

After the show, I had the unique privilege of meeting them. I brought all of my CD’s, and Mookie, Evan, and Chad obliged me by signing them. They were very friendly and willing to talk, a pleasant surprise.

This was definitely among the best nights of my life. Meeting them was on my bucket list, but I never thought that dream would ever come true. And now there are pictures to prove that it did.

Signed shirt and 5 CD's.

Signed shirt and 5 CD’s (one was signed years ago, but I felt like it needed to be included).

They play a sort of classic-rock-inspired pop rock––hard enough that it made my whole body move with the bass line, but soft enough that it didn’t give my (very) faint head an ache.

Three of their singles have peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales Chart, and they’ve beat out artists such as Lady Gaga, Passenger, American Authors, and A Great Big World. They have a contract with Epic Records, and with any luck they’ll have an album out soon.

Give them your ears for just a few minutes. I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

Ciao for now,