Almost: A Poem (or, rather, Lyrics for which I May Never Write Music)

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Crooked-tooth beauty, your wide smile curved
I saw you were everything I almost deserved
Head on your collarbone, I didn’t feel so alone
Affectionate words, unreserved

Your eyes, crinkled pastries all happy like that
Your toes, autumn-awkward on the welcome mat
You shone perfect pink, let your long lashes blink
Then lifted me up, swift, strong acrobat

Crooked-tooth beauty, you spun me around
Like a hot-air balloon peeled up from the ground
My giggles went pealing; swear I touched the ceiling
And back in your arms, warm and safe, I was found

What bright stroke of luck had granted me you?
What guardian angel did I have? Or who
Would read my bent mind and then be so kind
As to hand me the best thing the heavens can do?

Tumultuous beauty, I held you to me
Light met your green eyes like sunsets on the sea
Sweet fragile foam, you became my home
Now my boat is lost and I am so alone.


He is My Happy Little Pill

His song is the cradle.


I’ve been pushed over the edge,

over the cliff,

so that I fall and fall.


His voice surges upwards,

clutching me warmly.

He whispers into my ear,

his gentle breath

drying my cheeks.


It’s so simple, so tender,

the way his sounds soften the fall.

When we hit the ground,

it barely hurts at all.


His song is the bed I lie in

and the blanket on my shoulders.

He is my happy little pill.

Gone Gone Gone: A Poem

My legs are gone.

Gone gone gone.

My voice is gone.

Gone gone gone.

My nerves are overheated, overwired, overshaking.

My mind is overcontemplating, overthinking, overracing.

My hope is gone.

Gone gone gone.

My capabilities are gone.

Gone gone gone.

My ears are oversensitive, overhearing, overworking.

My eyes are overclosed, overdark, overslammed.

My ambition is lost.

Forever forever forever.

I am being strangled.

Forever forever forever.

(Can’t you see that I can’t live like this?)

I want to be gone.

Gone gone gone.

Christina Perri

Many people know who Christina Perri is from her beautiful song “A Thousand Years” in Breaking Dawn Part I, but not everyone appreciates the beauty of her other music. Her heartbreaking pop ballads will, well, break your heart. They’re full of  piano and explosive vocals that force you to feel the song, whether you want to or not. Her lyrics carry a weight reminiscent of a ball and chain––heavy, holding you in place––instead of oozing with sugar and cream, like most pop artists’ songs.

For me, Christina Perri was a gateway into a sub-genre of pop, which makes a striking blend of synthesized, acoustic and powerful. I share this with you in the hopes that she will lead you in a similar direction.

1. Human is a song about letting someone you love control you. It’s clear that the narrator does not like living this way, and perhaps is considering ending the relationship. Despite its submissive verses, the belt-y chorus is empowering.

2. Jar of Hearts dives deep into the realm of leaving. Throughout the song, Perri tells the narrative of a person discovering strength inside herself, and learning that she can be better and do better than the one that broke her heart.

3. The Lonely, unlike the other songs in this post, is sad rather than angry. A contradiction of sorts, this song seems to radiate hollowness, carving out a hole in the chest of the listener. Anyone who has ever felt alone will connect to this song, as the title suggests.

Ciao for now,


Song One


You’re somewhere far beyond the horizon I can see.

You’re somewhere in the long distance, are you waiting for me?


The next time that I close my eyes, I’ll love you until dawn.

And when you wake up from your dreams, do you miss me when I’m gone?


Every little lullaby keeps whispering your name,

And though I keep an open mind I still can’t win the game.


The thought that keeps me going on is your voice in my brain.

The fact that you are still not here is driving me insane.


So tell me, do you feel a thing just picturing my eyes?

Do you wonder what stars I see when you’re looking at the skies?


Do you take the time to know that I am on this Earth?

Could you even realize just what this life is worth?


Love can live across the maps although we’ve never met.

It can happen, and it will, it just hasn’t yet.

Front Porch Serenade


I gave a dandelion kisses

Trying to make a hundred wishes

But in the end, I only scatter seeds.


I laid my body in the grass

And waited for the time to pass

But time can never fill my strongest needs.


I bandaged all my cuts and scrapes

I hid the living room with drapes

But somehow all the light kept getting in.


I wrote a song to sing to you

But never got the courage to

And now it’s just a tune that feels thin.


I counted every passing minute

Wishing that I had you in it

But my words don’t know how to do more.


I gave a dandelion kisses

Trying to make a hundred wishes

The seeds all floated softly to your door.

Hi: A Short Story

Based on the song “Check Yes Juliet” by We the Kings.

It was three in the morning when I heard the first pebble. I hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep. There was a thin, gray hint of the sun peering through the curtains.

Another pebble hit the window. I couldn’t stop myself now. Despite all the countless reasons to think it could never happen, there was a chance that someone special was throwing those rocks. The third pebble collided as I pulled the fabric away.

A figure with a guitar, glowing in the light of a dim lantern, waved up to me.

“Jessica?” The voice of someone special called in a loud whisper.

“Connor?” I asked like I didn’t already know.

“Hi Jessica,” he whispered. “I hope you’re ready for this.”

I heard the strings warm themselves up to familiar chords. This was a song Connor wrote a while back.

Connor was the type that all the girls liked. Although he wasn’t too tall, he had a smile to make up for it and a voice that could kill. We’d never spoken much, and what conversations we’d had were all in school. All I knew about this song was a video my friend showed me once and a conversation I’d very accidentally overheard. He said it was written just for fun, until he admitted it was for a girl. And now that girl was me.

I lifted the screen up and rested my elbows on the vacant flowerbed. His music floated up into my ears. His features were starting to get clearer; first the texture of his jacket, then the pick between his fingers, then the flecks of orange in his light eyes.

“I’m coming outside,” I said before I’d ever actually considered it. Leaving the window open and a breeze flowing into my room, I raced down the stairs until I stood with the sensation of dew and grass on my feet.

His guitar was now behing his back, held on by a diagonal strap. He looked me directly in the eyes and said, “You look beautiful.”

“I’m dreaming,” I said absentmindedly. He might have smiled. “I mean, I can’t believe this is actually happening.”

Connor reached his hand out and somehow my hand found its way there. “Hi,” he whispered.

“Hi,” I whispered back.