The Lonely Hearts Song: A Poem

And I watch you through this lens

Which, for a minute, makes us friends

You smile, and you laugh, and so do I


And I play with my own hair

Pretending your hands are there

But the arrow comes, it’s pointing to goodbye


And you stand there, slim and tall

So I sit here feeling small

Seeing that these words won’t meet your ears


And so what if you don’t know?

Because that facade is all for show

I’ll believe this untill your face appears


The Sad Girl Who Refuses to See Herself as Beautiful: A Poem

You’re texting him again

or tweeting or skyping or

whatever it is now


And he’s saying things

“I love you”

He’s groping you between the asterisks


You let him in

You open your gates and accept the coming flood


You spill honesty

from your turbo-speed thumbs

trying to pin him down

to hold the restless beast


He loves the game not

the player whose secrets and weaknesses

are spread before him


He is just like the ones that came before

the ones you swore never again


He can paint a prettier lie

but that does not make him better


And you deserve something better

Underneath the Canopy: A Poem

Underneath the canopy, underneath the sky,

Above the earth I walk upon, this is where I cry.

Not for the weight of everything, not for my heavy soul,

Nor for the rainclouds in my heart does weeping take control.

It’s for the road that never ends, the opportunity,

The chances that are yet to come, all overwhelming me,

That I let sobs escape my lungs, and choke up all my air.

The future that I stand behind could be very fair,

It could be unfair, just as well; it could my end,

And in the face of what may be, I feel my body bend.

Underneath the canopy, underneath the sky,

My future may begin to flourish, or else it may die.

New Hollow


Left to Right: Chad Blashford (drums), Evan West (vocals, guitar), and Mookie Clouse (vocals, guitar).

It’s about time I introduced you all to my favorite band.

New Hollow performed wonderfully when I saw them a few weeks ago. Even though I knew very few of the songs they played, as many are yet unreleased,the concert enthralled me the whole time. They are very talented and very enthusiastic on stage. Their live performance was just as good as any studio recording, a feat not many bands can attest to.

After the show, I had the unique privilege of meeting them. I brought all of my CD’s, and Mookie, Evan, and Chad obliged me by signing them. They were very friendly and willing to talk, a pleasant surprise.

This was definitely among the best nights of my life. Meeting them was on my bucket list, but I never thought that dream would ever come true. And now there are pictures to prove that it did.

Signed shirt and 5 CD's.

Signed shirt and 5 CD’s (one was signed years ago, but I felt like it needed to be included).

They play a sort of classic-rock-inspired pop rock––hard enough that it made my whole body move with the bass line, but soft enough that it didn’t give my (very) faint head an ache.

Three of their singles have peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales Chart, and they’ve beat out artists such as Lady Gaga, Passenger, American Authors, and A Great Big World. They have a contract with Epic Records, and with any luck they’ll have an album out soon.

Give them your ears for just a few minutes. I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

Ciao for now,


For the Boy Gone Too Young: A Poem


It’s a strange sensation when someone you barely know




Because you never spoke

and you never said hi

and you barely even saw each other in passing.


Once you read all the stories

and warm wishes and prayers

for the family,

all the RIPs,

and all the I’ll miss you

and I love you,

it strikes you that they were only a little older than you are,

and you’ve barely started your own life.


Your day-to-day won’t change much.


But in your inner eye

you witness people you care about

weeping for the ache.

And you find yourself

doing the same.


Because there is one less happy life on this earth,

and that is a terrible loss indeed.

Turn Signal: A Poem

stopped car edit

There’s this feeling you get

when you’re in the passenger seat––

or driving,

you’re usually driving,

and I’m the passenger––

and, as you’re waiting for the light to turn,

you start to listen

to the ticking of your car’s turn signal,

and then you notice a car in front of you

or in front of you to the left, or a few cars ahead,

with its own lights flashing in perfect alignment with the ticks,

and for a moment,

just that moment,

the universe falls into sync

and everything seems to move

in rhythm with the ticking,

much to your satisfaction.


And then,

after that moment ends,

the illusion is up,

and you see that the lights

were a little too fast or

too slow, and they never fell together in the first place,

and then the world around you collapses back

into the chaos

that has been so overwhelming

just a second ago.


That’s how we are now;

we’re falling out of sync.

Cute: A Poem

tumblr_inline_mn6j23XRTf1qz4rgpCute is underrated.


I think this when I see you

in a dark green shirt, and a pair of jeans,

your hair perfect as anything.

It’s not overt,

but that’s just it.


Beautiful and dark and mysterious

are not to be unappreciated

(nor should they be overlooked)

but cute goes undetected,

often when it deserves the attention

most of all.


And even though you’re just a lovely blur

in the corner of my eye,

and I can only strain to see you

without staring

(for the time being at least),

your cute is a diamond ray

cast off the ocean waves

of standardly sexy

and commonly stunning.


Cute is both precious

and unbreakable.


Cute is the sequin

we should all care for more.